The 60s were an interesting time for art making and abode aims to gather an eclectic mix of décor including paintings, photography, prints and sculpture from that era.

Original drawings and small paintings by Robert E. Williams are available as well as ceramics by Kara Highfield. And…. We love paint by numbers!

Soaps and Candles

As a part of the local offerings, abode carries 3 lines of soaps and cleansers. Slice, a goat milk based soap shop from Falmouth has some of their soaps and their famous all natural deodorant available at abode. Natural laundry soap and laundry bar cleanser is provided by Earth Elements, from Hammonds Plains. Widdershins from Annapolis Valley supplies a beautiful line of hand crafted soaps and bug repellent, all natural scents added to a coconut and olive oil base.

We also offer beeswax candles and furniture wood paste as well as Danish cone candles by Ester & Erik

Slice Soap Works   |   Earth Elementals   |   Widdershins Crafts  |  Cornect Family Farm  |  Bee Illuminated Chandlery  |  Ester & Erik